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CYAN is a team of creative professionals based in Tehran. We are passionate about creating cool work that betters the world around us. Our skills are fine-tuned. We can create visual branding systems which enables your team to put its best face forward to your audience. Our small, passionate, & powerful team builds quality products that enrich the lives of others. Our clients consist of most famous multinational corporates or their agents in Iran; such as Samsung, Panasonic, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Philips, Ebara, Kia, British American Tobacco, Henkel, Golestan, Microtel, Sunich and many more. We are professional at these fields:


Events are one of the key factors of increasing brand equity in market and gets a high level of public attention and brand loyalty in staff in the recent years in Iran, so that lots of brands are trying to show a better picture of themselves by holding events and gatherings. in Cyan we predicted this public awareness from some years ago and we defined event management department in order to have a better performance in this field.


Decoration and merchandising as a key factor in retail marketing has a big role in affecting the decision making of people and sales rate so we have defined a section in Cyan which is in charge of all merchandising and decoration projects from idea generation to implementation. We have started our decoration & merchandising activities from 2006 when we cooperate with Samsung in performing their BTL activities exclusively. In this cooperation we decorate and merchandise more than 300 shops and retail stores only for Samsung.


Relying on a creative team of skilled designers, Cyan delivers unique and magnificent ideas and designs for a wide range of local and international clients in various fields. The backbone of more than fifteen years of experience which are admired and presented in several design competitions will guarantee an output of quality. Design team is one of the most important sections in our structure and our designers are selected based on three elements; knowledge, creativity and experience.


Marketing as the most vital activities of a company in the market, is one of our scopes of services in which we create our ideas about a brand regarding the market and culture needs, considerations and characteristics. We create and manage lots of marketing projects from fifteen years ago in a knowledge-oriented and creative team, so we claim we have the knowledge, potential, experience and unique ideas in creating and directing marketing campaigns.